Averna 150

Limited edition

The 150th anniversary limited edition bottle pays tribute to a Sicilian landmark that combines tradition and innovation while celebrating over a century of iconic Italian beauty. There was no better way to mark the anniversary than to redesign the bottle's label with the artistic vision of Alice Valenti. Her rendition to Averna was inspired by the colors and shades of Sicilian folk art, in a label that narrates a moment that will last over centuries: the enconter between Frà Girolamo and Salvatore Averna, the moment that created this iconic liquor.

"For me defining #CarattereSiciliano could be defined with one word: “contrast”. Even though Sicily is a region, it could very well be a continent, thanks to its rich natural beauty, the variety of landscapes ranging from mountains to the sea and hills as well as for the variety of people. Sicilians are both hostile and hospitable at the same time. They have a strong dichotomy that makes them constantly alternate between seriousness and playfulness, hospitality and suspicion. They are like prickly pears, full of sweetness inside but wrapped in an outer coat of thorns." - Alice Valenti