Averna at its Best

The traditional way to savor the taste
and enjoy Averna’s flavors and aromas at their best.

The experience of tasting Averna can be done in a number of ways to savor the flavors at their best.
Either straight up or with a few cubes of ice, or even adding Mediterranean herbs like sage or mint with lemon
peel to compliment the flavor and stimulate the senses. The true ritual of sipping Averna, however,
is done in its specially-designed glass, the Womb. With its soft lines, it enhances the tasting.

The Womb Ritual

  • Pour some Averna into the Womb glass along with ice cubes, fresh mint and lemon peel.
  • Tilt the glass, grasp it in your hand gently and rotate on the table to infuse the ingredients, bringing the unique aromas of Averna to life.
  • Introduce a small amount in your mouth and savour its rich, full-bodied flavours of citrus, hints of liquorice and traditional spices.