Averna at its Best

The finest way to savor and enjoy
Averna’s flavors and aromas to their fullest.

The authentic ritual of drinking Averna is as simple as it is timeless. The amaro is sipped over ice from a softly curved glass that opens Averna’s complexity with each movement. Before sipping, it’s garnished with a single twist of orange peel to enliven the senses. Averna’s herbaceous bitterness is best balanced with traditional Sicilian sweets and shared with good company.

The Womb Ritual

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    Pour some Averna into the Womb glass with about three cubes of clear ice.

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    Peel a ribbon of fresh orange and twist it over the glass to release its mist of essential oils.

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    Enjoy in small sips, letting Averna wash over your palate as its notes of licorice, herbs and citrus open for a rich sensory experience.