When to Enjoy Averna

Discover the many ways to share Averna and experience timeless moments of sharing and connection with friends and loved ones.

For us Sicilians, a meal is meant to be savored, it’s never a rushed event.
The lingering moments after a shared meal are the perfect time to sit back and share stories.
Averna allows us to experience uplifting moments of warmth and connection and savor quality time together.

  • Carefree laughter with old friends

    You have that one friend who is the life of the party and dinners just wouldn’t be the same without them.
    They’re always ready with an impromptu toast: to friendship, to health, to fun, to…they don’t even know what!

  • Unforgettable memories

    The middle of winter has us reminiscing about summer. Remember your last vacation when you all rented that villa in Scopello and someone attempted to drive that boat? Lasting memories beg the question, “where are we going this summer?”

  • “Did you know” moments

    There’s always that one friend who knows everything about food! Did you know that the name for the Sicilian recipe, Pasta alla Norma was coined by poet and theater director Nino Martoglio? He tried the dish in the 19th century and compared it to “Norma,” the opera by Vincenzo Bellini!

  • Comical reminiscing

    Who can forget the time he showed up at her door hoping to win her over with a romantic serenade when much to his dismay, she wasn’t even home! A truly unforgettable experience…for the poor neighbors!